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Be Aware

This is a thing

I am late in making this post but better late than never...
So May is Mental Health Awareness month and I consider myself an advocate for all things mental health related, especially in areas that personally affect me. I love that a month is dedicated to spreading this type of awareness and I think it's a great way to get conversations started. A lot of times, we humans can be very calloused towards the situation of another if we ourselves have never experienced it. I find that to be especially true for those with mental illnesses. In my post about Bi-Polar Awareness, I noted that those with this type of mood disorder and other mental illnesses are not crazy or deranged. The mind is a delicate thing and certain life experiences can cause major disruptions to its processes and function. Some people are even born with a mental illness or are susceptible and predisposed to them due to their genes and family history.

Let's take Eating Disorders, for example.
BED, Bul…

Do the Hard Thing

Fighting for life

Since I last wrote in March, God has been doing amazing things for me and through me. I went on a church retreat to the mountains with a wonderful friend, and God's presence was astounding. There was so much of a spirit of love there and I didn't want to leave. But I did leave unfortunately, and I took with me a renewed sense of God equipping me with His strength and power and boldness. I know I needed to be at that retreat and God provided a way. I felt and still feel more than able and ready to do and walk in God's wonderful plan for me. But that includes doing the hard thing.

On the Sunday of Mother's Day, the message being taught was titled, Do the Hard Thing. I instantly thought of my time at Renfrew and how the counselors and staff would encourage us to do the next right thing. If we would slip in our recovery or fall back on certain symptoms, we were never yelled at-- just encouraged to do the next right thing. For those of you who've been fo…