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The "T" Word


This is one of my favorite holidays, or at least was, with the warmth of family, friends, food. There is only one holiday that tops it but that's for another post. For so many, this day is one to be celebrated but for those with eating disorders, this can be a dreadful day. And it's hard to explain exactly why this can be so troublesome for us. In treatment last week, we were given a prompt in the Body Image group. We were to express ourselves in whichever medium we chose with our bodies as the subject. Since I'm a pretty good writer-- or so I've been told-- I decided to use poetry. I hope this can provide some insight of the reality for many with eating disorders, especially during the holidays. And I hope that everyone out there, eating disordered or not, has a wonderful Thanksgiving.

                                                               What I See

Disgusting. Too big. Gross.
                        That's what I see when I look

Where I've Been

I'm Back!
So on September 25, I was admitted into a residential treatment facility for eating disorders. I dove head first into my issues. It was a grueling process. Everyday I was faced with brokenness, not just my own but of those around me. I often wondered how so many talented, beautiful, strong, inspiring women could be in a place like that? But that was my reality for thirty days. I got out on a Saturday (October 24), and resumed Day Treatment that following Monday. This journey has been exhausting and it's still ongoing. Being in Day is so much harder this time. In Res, which is faaar from a walk in the park, there was around the clock care and so much support. Despite how awful my emotions felt, it was a safe haven for me. A safe little bubble where I didn't have to worry about the bad stuff. Well, my bubble popped on that Saturday, I'm back in the real world. 

I've been MIA for a while trying to get my head on straight and from dealing with the overwhelming …