Body Positive Manifesto

Inspired by God

As I hinted above, God has been inspiring me with new ways of viewing myself. It's still a struggle at times but it's something I'm trying to believe. I invite you to make these personal for yourself.

  • When Jesus looks at me, He doesn't see my legs or thighs, He doesn't see my collar bones or stomach or any other problem area I feel I have. He sees my spirit, His breath in my lungs, His wonderfully made daughter (or son).
  • I will not make my body more than what it is. It is not my personality. It is not who I am. It is not my dreams and aspirations. It is not my worth. It's just a body, my body. I will decorate it, not destroy it. I will love it for what it can do, not hate it for what it can't. I will appreciate it, not abuse it. I will enjoy it, not envy others'. I will nourish it, not neglect it. I will feed it, not fight it. I will feed it, not fight it. I will feed it, not fight it.
  • The standard is me, not a model or an actress. I am body's standard and there is nothing wrong with being me.
  • I will not fight against my life, I will fight for my life. I will embrace my life and my body. I will treat them as I would a small child. I will care for them, protect them, love them, fight for them.
These statements may seem foreign at first (they are to me) but we have to seek God for whatever it takes to believe these things. We can do this.


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