Sunday is Here

Jesus is alive

Hallelujah! The best news I have ever heard! How Satan must have felt when he realized that what he meant for evil, God turned around for good. Jesus defeated death and the grave when He rose and because of that, we have victory. We have freedom! So often, we followers focus so much on the death of our Savior but we neglect His rising from the dead. And that is the most important thing, that is what differentiates our God, our King, from religion-- shout out to my mother. She's right, religions have their heroes and leaders but none have a Savior. None have a God Who not only died for them but rose again and defeated death and hell. Oh death, where is your sting? Oh hell, where is your victory? Our God is alive and alive forever and He came so that we might also have life and have it more abundantly. But the only way to truly have life, spiritually speaking, is through Jesus. That is it. It is not a popular concept in today's society that there is only one Way to Heaven, although I don't understand why people would prefer to wander and search instead of coming to the One true Savior. I'm not looking for popularity-- I've never been popular so it's not something I miss.

When Jesus stated that He is King, that He is the I Am, He was not offering a suggestion, He was telling the simple truth. He said He is the only way to the Father and as a follower, I whole heartedly believe that. And I will never confess anything other than that. He is the Hope for which this world searches, He is the Only Hope. And that hope is in His resurrection. Because He lives, we can live. Not just physically, but spiritually we can live. Spiritual life is only attained through Jesus and His finished work on the cross. His finished work, meaning there is nothing more which needs to be done. No "good deeds", no "kind acts", no "memorizing our Bibles". Nothing more needs to be done to gain a life with Jesus. No, I'm sorry, I'm wrong. There is one more thing that needs to happen, and that is receiving Jesus. Receiving the gift that He not only gives but is. Jesus Himself is the very gift that we need and if we will only accept Him and believe that what He did was and is and always will be enough, then we could live with and in Him. Forever.

Every year that this Sunday comes along, I get so hyped. I know that I live in Jesus and that He is coming back and I will go with Him when He does. I know that He died and rose and conquered hell and death, those are spiritual realities in which I believe even more than I believe in the things of this physical realm. And my heart is filled with joy at this. But I am also saddened because I know that some of you reading this do not have that same reality, that same awareness. And unfortunately, a reality outside of Jesus is a reality with the devil. I'm not your quote un quote fire and brimstone preacher but I will tell of the realities of hell; my keeping silent about it will not make it go away. And if one person who comes across this blog reads something in a way they've never heard before, well, then maybe they can be the one person reached by God and thereby, miss Hell.

Friends, the gift of eternal life is available to all of us. Jesus died for the world, He died for you, He died for me (and He would've still died if it had only been for you or me). And He rose again. And that resurrection life is available to us, also. But we must believe and receive it. Jesus did the work but salvation (for our own souls) is only possible if we believe. And we must believe that we are in desperate need for it. I am in desperate need for it and I have it. I need it everyday, just like oxygen. Who of us takes one breath of air and then decides that once is enough? Foolishness. I am not saying that we need to "get saved" multiple times, I am saying to cling everyday to the salvation which we have attained in Jesus and to never get to a place where our "righteous acts" have us convinced that they are what's getting us to Heaven, keeping us close to God. Does that make sense?

Now, I know I have a post on here specifically dedicated to salvation through Jesus and I always leave a link that goes straight to it, but I feel the need to implore those reading to not even wait for the link. Just receive Jesus now. Let Him know that you are in desperate need of His salvation. Allow humility to overcome you and recognize that you need the mercy which only a loving God can provide, a mercy that can save you from your hell bound path, a mercy that sees your weakness and need for a Savior and reaches out to you with no strings attached. Friends, this Sunday is celebrated by followers all over in recognition of the greatest words ever spoken. He is not here (the tomb), He is risen. Believe in the resurrection. Follow Jesus.  

Happy Resurrection Sunday.


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