Trick or Treat

A poem


Here I am, right in front of you but you don't see me
I'm disappearing and you don't notice
I glide around seemingly effortlessly but on weak legs
The skeletons you see hanging around are not for decoration
The very slight and barely-there bluish tint in my nail beds is not makeup
I'm cold. I'm freezing.
There is a knock at my door and I open it...
     "Trick or treat?" It asked.
I should've kept all the lights off and put up a "Not Home" sign. But I didn't. I entertained the greeting. Would it have even mattered, had I done those things? I don't think so. I would still have been visited this night.
I gave a treat and in turn received a trick
A wonderful, fatal trick
The carvings I had made before and set on my front porch did little to scare away all the goblins and ghouls which threatened and haunted me
They cast their shadows through my windows and underneath my doors
So this trick of mine was life saving
Was life saving
Now, according to the occasional guest, it's just rotting; sitting in the closet with the skeletons
Festering and fermenting
Oh, but the treats it's given me
Like sweet, colorful edibles with hidden razor blades
Poison mixed into the chocolate
Death by chocolate. Funny.
Because it's never going to be "death by chocolate"
What an ironic trick that would be

** I was reading an article earlier today and there was a line in it where a mom described her daughter's appearance while she was ill with an ed as that of a ghost. This poem was inspired by that. I'm honestly not even sure where all of this is coming from nor do I particularly care to find out. I'm sure more will come up.


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