Happy December 1st

So it's finally December and it feels as if it's taken forever to get here lol. My birthday is at the end of this month and I'm not dreading it at all. This is probably the first year where I am looking forward to and feeling proud of that date. I made a huge move across the U.S. alone and since then have taken on so many adventures. I'm super proud of that! I have a car and a job I really like and I'm slowly but surely saving money to move out of my roommate's and on my own (or with my sister, whichever happens first). I feel like I can finally be proud of myself and feel as though I've accomplished something... and all before I turned 26. I noticed something earlier today, though. Even though I really do feel so great with what I've accomplished this year, I had negative thoughts pop up questioning my pride in what I've done. But what about this thing about you? What about that? What about these other areas you have to work on? You're still a mess.

Of course, this was irritating to have happened. And sometimes you just have to banish those types of negative thoughts. The Bible says to take thoughts captive if they seek to exalt themselves over the knowledge of the Christ. Sure there are other things that I need to work on but God isn't calling me a mess. I'm sure that Jesus is proud of my accomplishments and exercising my faith in Him despite the other areas that I still have to hand over to Him. So I can still be proud of those things as well. The same goes for you. If you can think of anything you've accomplished at all that may have been a feat for you but you still have other things upon which to improve, that doesn't mean you shouldn't celebrate or be happy over what you did achieve. We all have improvements to make and we always will in this life but we can also choose to celebrate and be proud of what we have already overcome or that in which we've already succeeded. Life would suck if we only always focused on our faults and I have to be mindful to not get caught up in a place of negativity when it comes to my list of "have done" and "need to do".

It's December, the month of all things light and bright and warm and cozy and chocolatey. Enjoy it the best you can and spread as much joy and kindness as humanly possible. Not just in this month because it's more common, but every month because it's not only needed but it's what Jesus desires. He went around doing good to others and didn't stop to think about how He had yet to heal so and so or gone to so and so's house. He just used every opportunity that He had to bless others and do good and if we are followers of His, the same must be true for us. And that includes doing good for ourselves. So celebrate your accomplishments and met goals! Take pride in your successes and keep working towards your others... without self negativity.

 Happy 24 days until Christmas!!


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