Good Things Await

Keeping my trust in the right place

I was pulled into my boss' office after work today and after we had chit chatted a bit (she's such a chill boss), we got down to business. Before I go on to share what came next, let me back up some. So lately I have been... concerned with how I am going to afford saving money and pay rent as well as other expenses. I haven't been too worried about it but it is a genuine concern. I don't want to get another job because I really like this one but I was a little frustrated with the amount I was bringing in every other week. I applied for another position within this same company but I was unqualified for it. It stung a bit but I agreed with decision. But how am I going to save now? That new position started at a way higher wage and would be perfect. I talked to my mom about how I felt and she encouraged me as only she could. Since then, I've been in an off and on restful place concerning having enough money for needs and wants.

And that brings me to today. So back in my boss' office, she shared with me that even though I hadn't had any type of performance review, she had mentioned to one of the other directors as well as the Board about increasing my pay due to my hard work in the short time that I've been here. I got a raise today!! I am so grateful and appreciative that I have been deemed a good enough employee to receive a raise after only having worked here for 5 months. Thank you Jesus!! Getting a raise wasn't even a consideration in my mind, I was just thinking that I wasn't making enough where I was and that I may need a different job. But today's little surprise showed me that it's okay to wait and see how things turn out, especially when I'm waiting on God. Have I learned nothing since being here? He has totally got me in His hand and is aware of every need. He is taking care of me and is providing for everything. I only need to continue to do what I'm doing, work hard and place all my trust Him. He is amazing!!

You may find yourself in a place where you're stressing about things that need to get done in your life or things that seem frustrating to achieve (such as saving money, or moving up in your work place). If you're a believer, trust in the God Who loves you and has nothing but hope filled plans for you. If you aren't a believer, get to know the God Who loves you and has nothing but hope filled plans for you. And learn how to trust in His ability to provide. He is able and He is willing. Things can improve, friends. Stay hopeful. Stay trusting.

Happy are-you-kidding-me-only-6-days-until-Christmas left!!


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