Merry Christmas

What gift can I bring to the King

First off, Merry Christmas everyone!!! Yay!! Yes!! Woo!! Yesterday my church (C3 Church) had an amazing service for Christmas Eve. There was caroling and amazing worship and a great message about offering our gifts to God. And that's such a needed word for us. What is your gift? What is that thing that you can offer to Jesus? The wise men came to the newborn Jesus and presented different gifts to Him. They didn't all bring the same thing but gave what they had. What can you give to Jesus today in honor of His birth and the Ultimate Gift which He has given, Himself? God has given all of us gifts and abilities which we can use to honor Him and bring His name glory. For instance, I have been blessed with an incredible ability to write and create stories and worlds using words. Whether it's in my songs or books, I use this gift to bring God praise, I give this talent back to the King. This is what God has given me and I don't have to compare it to someone else's ability to let's say, paint or dance or draw. I just tap into what I'm able to do and present it as an offering to the Lord. What are you offering to Him today and everyday? Are you making use of the talents and gifts which you've been given? Don't bury or waste your abilities but make good use of them to bring God's Name glory.

Remember why we celebrate today, friends. We all know that Jesus wasn't born on this particular day and He was likely born in a much warmer season, nonetheless, this is the time we've set aside to acknowledge His birth. He is alive, guys, and that is the greatest news we could ever have. Today, as you remember the birth of the Savior, celebrate all that you're able to partake in. And for my ed fighters out there, do your best to celebrate the family around you, celebrate the friends and yes, even the food. Celebrate the fact that you are able to celebrate this day due to Jesus giving Himself as the Light of the world. That's my focus this year and every year specifically because of my ed. Here's to celebrating the birth and life of Jesus and the life happening around me. Merry Christmas one bite at a time.

P.S. my birthday is in 2 days!! What?!


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