Cali Livin

Where Do I Begin?

I am here... I am actually here!! I made it to California, the place where dreams come true!! So, as some of you know, I left Pennsylvania on July 9th 2016 with a dream, faith and God-given talent. It has been an adventure since. When I first got out here, I did a lot of hotel hopping. The rates seemed to go up every night. I was still looking for a live-in nanny position, as I had been before I left. This journey of mine has lead me to small hotels, a night on the street, weeks in a mansion, to where I am now. As I write this, I sit at a wicker table on the deck of a woman with whom I share an adorable apartment. There is a beautiful view in front of me and the sun beams warmly on my skin. I love this. I was born for this state and the serenity here is amazing.

I have met very cool people and an amazing family took me in and helped me to get back on my feet, they are the ones with the mansion. I was their live-in housekeeper/organizer. I got close to them and their children and hold such a special place for them in my heart. They are my Persian family and am so appreciative to God for placing them in my life. Jesus is so great to me and He has been clearly ordering my steps every single step of the way. His provision has not ceased to be on time in every way. I didn't leave for this state with any clear direction, I just new I needed to get out here. The Lord has been doing the rest, working in others around me and telling me in non verbal ways that He's got me. I have never felt more confident in His ability to keep me than out here.

I really though that I would have a whole lot more to write and share since I last wrote but... I don't. This brief bit seems enough. If I have gained just one thing from my move so far, it is that God's got me. It will only get better from here.


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