Enjoy Today


Today I awakened feeling rather down and I really didn't want to get out of bed. But I have a responsibility (and joy!) of walking my neighbor's two dogs so I made myself get up. Animals are amazing. I don't know what God put in them but they have such a way of giving joy to a weary spirit. During the walk and after, I began to feel lighter. Once I got back home, I put on some music and just started dancing... I felt great! As I moved and swayed, I could feel joy coursing through me! I even started dancing in front of the mirror and observed how my body moved. I wasn't totally repulsed, I don't think I was repulsed at all. I wasn't! I liked seeing my curves move to the rhythm and it felt good. It felt good to be able to experience my body in a relaxing and care free way. And I felt happy for that moment.

I really want to have a great day today and I want to feel good. Friends, maybe you are feeling a bit low in energy and just don't feel like engaging with the world today. Maybe do it anyway. Hear me out... Now I know that our low moods are not something that we can just "snap out of". And that's not what I'm proposing. If you can push yourself today, go find something to enjoy. Go do something that gives you peace and makes you happy. Even if today is really, really tough, try and focus on one positive. Get some fresh air, take some alone time, enjoy a good book. Do something to enjoy your day!

I'm anticipating feeling this great throughout the rest of my day but even if I don't, I'm glad that I allowed myself to have that moment. It was fun! And I can't be afraid of losing the happy that I never allow myself to feel it.

Enjoy today, rejoice on today!


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