My Best Friend

Ms. Angela

To my mother,
     You are the most influential person in my life, surely you must know that. From the moment I was born, you have loved and cared for me with the deepest and most raw passion I have ever experienced. You mean everything to me, you're my whole world. I thank God for you so much and I never want to experience life without you. You have taught me so much. Because of you, I know how to wait patiently on the Lord. I know how to be patient with people and show grace (though I'm still growing in that area). You've shown me how to live with integrity and zeal for Jesus not with your words, but with your actions, your lifestyle. You've shown me that it's okay to not have a perfect outward appearance and no matter how much I may struggle with that, I cherish it. You spend time with me and genuinely enjoy my company. I am out here living my dreams and making them reality everyday because you encourage me and believe in me... everyday.

I'm alive because of you. You've saved my life on more than one occasion-- December 27 was the first time, this past Mother's Day was the second. As skilled as I am as a writer, I am finding it a challenge to place into words how much you really mean to me. You are the strongest person I will ever know. I've seen you face difficulties and health scares with courage and trust in The One Who Saves. Your faith and determination are incredible and your relationship with the Lord has impacted me in an eternal way. I see such courage in you as it pertains to your business and that pushes me further in my own goals and desires.

You've never given up or taken a break for even a moment. You are the hardest working person I know and I honestly don't know how you've done it through the years. Yes I do... The Lord. You've told me that multiple times. If I could praise one person for the good parts of me, it would be me... LOL, just kidding. It would be you. You are the good parts of me because you bring out the best in me. You bring out the best in everyone. You're compassionate and forgiving, ridiculously patient with others (who don't deserve it, I might add) and selfless. My gosh, I've never met someone who so embodies and follows and lives by 1 Corinthians 13.

I am grateful. I am thankful. I am blessed to know you as a person, to have you as a friend and to be loved by you as my mother. Thank you so, so much for all that you do for me! And I thank our wonderful God for blessing you with 50 years (and more to come). Ms. Angela, you are my favorite.
Happy Birthday! I love yooooooooooou!



  2. Thank you!! She loves it!! For some reason she can't publish her reply in the comments but as long as she saw it.


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