Happy Birthday!!

Wow, what can I say? You're nineteen... for real?? I can't believe it. I am so happy to be part of your life and to have you as a sister. You have grown so much in so many ways; spiritually, intellectually, mentally. I am so, so proud of the way you have matured and developed over the years. Do you have any idea how much you inspire me, sissie? Your ability to just be in life and enjoy the world around you is so amazing to me. The freedom you have as it pertains to your body and who you are is something that I envy but appreciate. I know you have your own concerns and struggles but when I look at you, you just epitomize "carefree". You posses such a happy spirit that is some how always able to make me laugh when I'm down. I love how stupid we are together and how much you get me. Your compassion for others knows no bounds and your heart, your heart is so pure and soft. Your ability to forgive others is remarkable and it's something that I can definitely learn from you. Never let that change-- I honestly don't think anything could ever change that.

As I stated in a recent text to you, your powering through your school years with as much tenacity despite all that was thrown in your way leaves me in awe. Even that thing which leaves you achy and more than exhausted day after day cannot stop you. God has placed so much of His greatness inside of you and I pray that He will continue to reveal it to you and others around you throughout your own life journey. I am truly honored to have been able to go through life with you and look forward to going through the rest of it by your side. Even though we are across the states, we are still as close as ever and I miss you like crazy!! I hope your birthday was great to you!!

I love you so much and forever my brilliant, hilarious, strong, glamorous, driven, beautiful sister.

This song because you embody wanting to be just who you are...

And this one for obvious reasons... I'm not crying, by the way. And I know you "aren't" either.


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