Strange New World Pt. 2

The cost of living here

I hope this poem gives a bit more insight as to what having an ed actually feels like. Of course, this is just my perspective and you may not even find you relate. But if you do at all, please reach out and get help. NEDA is a really good place to start if you're unsure or scared of what getting help looks like. Even though I'm still struggling with my own ed, reaching out was one of the best things I've ever done and I would not hesitate in doing it all over if I had to. Getting help is scary and uncomfortable but it's harder to live with an ed with no Support. You deserve the peace that treatment or therapy or counseling can provide. You aren't alone.

Strange New World Pt. 2

The currency here is... Strange.
You want to buy something to eat, a turkey sandwich, perhaps? That'll cost you five hours of your sanity and peace. Chips with that? Ooo, you don't have enough to cover the cost.
Unless, of course...
You wanted to go into tomorrow's spendings. You could always do that. So a sandwich and chips it is!
That'll be one day of fasting, please.
You want that chocolate donut over there? Oh no.
You definitely can't afford that. Unless...
You could start your tab up again. Yes? Okay, great! So I'll add the donut and you can just pay for it later. So altogether, that's one turkey sandwich, a serving of chips and one donut. Would you like a drink? What's the least expensive? Well, water can sometimes be pricey but today I can give you a discount. Does that work? Great! So for everything you've ordered, that'll be one day of fasting, five hours of obsessive anxiety, 100 exercises before 12am and 2 laxatives. What's wrong, you don't look too happy with that? Here, I'll tell you what, I'll reduce the price since you're a regular.
Let's do two days of fasting, 2 and a half hours of obsessive anxiety, no exercise and 2 laxatives. Now that's as low as I can drop it. That works? Great! Enjoy your meal and please, Come again.


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