For a Moment

May 3, 2017

An original poem inspired by a typically difficult eating experience that I got through with the much appreciated help of friends.

I did something without you today
Well, you were still there, I guess, in a way
But maybe the hunger helped silence your voice
Helped silence the demands you disguised as my choice
And I don't mean hunger for food or for drink
But something much deeper than what one would think
Something like freedom to pick and to choose
To settle on something without your abuse
But I know you're still there, lurking around
Waiting for all of this soon to go down
For now though, the voice of support's in my ear
Cheering me on and fighting the fear
"You'll regret it", you say
And I know this is true
But today, at least, I did something without you
Will it happen again?
That I don't know
Do I even want it to?
Only time will show


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